Tue, 01 Oct 2002

About this Journal.

My name is Baldur Bjarnason and this is my annal, journal or blog, depending on which word you find the prettiest.

Personally, I think that the word blog is an abuse of the English language and displays most native speakers' utter disregard for the health and beauty of the English language.

I prefer the word “journal”, although “annal” is an interesting option.

The Latin origin of “annal” makes it a much more international word and ties nicely in with what these online journals are called in Icelandic: “annáll”.

The word “journal” also suffers from connotations related to it being used described staid and peer-reviewed academic journals.

But on the other hand “annal” isn't exactly the pinnacle of casual language.

So the purpose of this journal, or annal is to help me organize my PhD research (which is taking place in Bristol and the University of the West of England).

Here, I intend to:

Record my thoughts and ideas regarding digital and interactive media and storytelling.

Publish initial research notes.

Publish and try to distribute the practical projects necessary for the research project.

And generally practice my writing.

Sort of a digital project file.

This is not a new idea, quite a few researchers and writers have turned to online journals to organize their research notes and thoughts.

It makes sense to do so. The tools developed for online journals are designed to make it easy to organise and publish your thoughts and ideas.

And god knows that academics need any help they can get in that arena.

Clifton, Bristol.